Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Mummy's got a head like a

...sieve. That's what my children will tell you. And to an extent they are right but without writing it down I did remember, in addition to the regular daily things to remember, that Ethan's letter of the week at nursery is 'L' and found a lion for him to take in for the topic table.

I also remembered that it was Hannah's birthday assembly and she needed to take one of her birthday presents in to present during assembly.

Later I recalled it was Ethan's nursery keyworker's birthday and made a trip to a florist to order and later collect a bouquet of flowers that Ethan and Hannah were able to present in person.

I also reminded Dave that it's Hannah's summer concert tomorrow which I think had probably escaped his mind.

I know I have two birthday cards that need writing by Hannah in the morning before the first post at 8:30.

There are some birthday presents that need organising. Ethan's trampoline needs ordering and another present needs researching.

So I'm not very good at remembering things, but I'm not as bad as I'm portrayed.

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