Friday, 4 July 2008


Just a note based on two women that I spied today.

If you are going to wear Spanx or Magic Knickers then cover them up!

One lady I saw today was wearing a pair of trousers that seemed to hang below a significant, but not substantial, stomach. She teamed this with a top that seemed to sit atop that same stomach. This did not come across as a good look but it was made significantly worse by the expanse of spandex that was traversing the flesh that was at risk of exposure.

Later I saw a lady who looked smart in jeans and a top. She was very well presented until she leaned forward to retrieve items from her handbag in a shop. The shop assistant both had a view of a large amount of stretchy fabric that was clearly there to hold it all in.

Now I don't know whether the exposed Spanx or Magic knickers was a better look than someone wearing more normal underwear that didn't have flesh controlling abilities. What I do know is that covered control underwear is better than exposed control underwear.

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