Saturday, 5 July 2008

Cooking up a storm

Yesterday I had a problem that needed solving.

I had invited two friends and their children over for lunch. The problem I had was an empty fridge, with Mr Tesco scheduled to arrive in the evening.

I resorted to the freezer. Children first. Obviously not children in the freezer. That would be dangerous and illegal.

Well there was some frozen homemade macaroni cheese. What could I team with this? Well I found chips and meatballs and frozen sweetcorn. A bit of a strange combo but I have learned that children can be fickle beasts and a plate mash up gives enough variety that some morsel or another will be deemed attractive enough to provide some nutrition.

Now the grown ups. There were some previously created lasagnes and some frozen fancy foccacia.

And ice creams all round for pud.


My more than generous friends thought I'd gone to a lot of trouble because there were homemade things on offer.

I tried to explain that batch cooking means that actually it was no trouble at all, and really quite easy. What's more the remaining lasagne meant there was enough food to feed a hungry husband in the evening.

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