Tuesday, 2 November 2010

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I used to be blonde.

ann4 Ann age four.  Butter wouldn’t melt. Much.

But now I rely on bleach to give the effect of blondeness.  That and my general blonde behaviour.  This morning is a case in point.

Today was the first day back at work after a little half term holiday and I was not in the best of moods.  I’d say I was feeling sharp, not in the well-dressed sense of the word, more in the “come near me and I’ll cut you” sense of the word.

I needed clothes to match so the trouser suit called to me from the wardrobe and so did my evil boots (one of several pairs).

So, sharply dressed, I left the house sharply and got to work sharply.  Half and hour early for work, which was good because I knew there would be an e-mail mountain waiting for me.

I got into the lift with someone I recognised but didn’t know.  That happens a lot at work when you’ve worked for the same company for 19 years.  As we reached the fifth floor he turned and asked “Are you feeling a bit tired this morning?” and I thought “I barely know you.  Damn cheek.” but replied “Yes a little, first day back after a week away.”

He then looked at my feet and my gaze followed his.  And this is what I saw.


I know they’re both black boots, but I’m not quite sure how this happened.  I got dressed while daylight was streaming in through the windows.  I have no excuse, so I’m blaming the bleach, or my four year old blonde self.

I drove home, rectified the situation and made it to my desk by 8:30.  The e-mail mountain could wait.  There was no way I could continue the day with odd boots.


The Ample Cook said...
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The Ample Cook said...

That really made me smile. Did the same thing many years ago, but it was one black and one navy.

BTW I saw your letter in Sansbury magazine :)

Does that make me sound a bit like a stalker?

Ann said...

Not at all. Had no idea my letter had been published. Is that November issue or December? Hope it's December.

Rana said...

you've been published insane
sbury magazine?

Ann said...

Ah Insane Sbury magazine. I misunderstood. That makes much more sense.

Anonymous said...

I did that too in my first year at Warley. Was mortified....with my one navy and one blakc shoe.

The Ample Cook said...

Yes, it was December. Shame you missed out on being the 'Star' letter, you would have won some wine :(

Ann said...

@Lisa I've also done the navy/black shoe thing but realised in my first meeting with a dealer 90 mins away from home. Spent the day with my feet curled under chairs.