Saturday, 6 November 2010


Just watched Timewatch.  The programme focussed on the last day of the First World War and particularly the time after the Armistice was signed (5:00am) and the time it took effect.  It was horrific to hear about Generals who sent troops into battle when they knew about the Armistice.  The most ridiculous was General William M Wright who sent the 89th Division to try and capture Stenay because he wanted his troops to have a bath.

“The division had been in the line a considerable period without proper bathing facilities, and since it was realized that if the enemy were permitted to stay in Stenay, our troops would be deprived of the probable bathing facilities there.”

They lost 365 men to howitzer fire.

And then I watched Have I Got News For You in which the Entente Frugale was discussed; the recent agreement in which the British are to share military resources with the French.  And there was this quote from Stormin’ Norman, General Norman Schwarzkopf:

"Going to war without the French is like going deer hunting without your accordion”

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