Monday, 8 November 2010


How many freezers should a household have?  Or more accurately how much freezer space should a household need?

I have three freezers, and I’m not including any icebox thing that might sit in a fridge, because I haven’t got one of those. 

I have an under the counter freezer in the kitchen, another in the conservatory and a third in the garage.  I say conservatory but junk room that is gradually disintegrating is more apt.

Sometimes, but not often, I feel I don’t have enough freezer space.  Is this abnormal or does everyone struggle?

I batch cook, producing sometimes 20 meals at a time, all stored in take-away style foil containers.  I bake and freeze too, generally muffins but sometimes cake or bread.  I cook our own produce and, because we can’t eat it quickly enough, I freeze that too.  I’m currently suffering with a surfeit of Bramley apples, which I love.  So I stew and pack for the freezer.  I have been known to do the same for “in season” fruit and veg.  I know I have frozen blanched rhubarb somewhere and maybe some runner beans.

And then there’s shopping.  If there’s an offer it makes sense to buy six, rather than one, especially as a freezer should be tightly packed to run efficiently.  And the freezer saves me from shopping several times a week because I can store temporarily and defrost.

And this is before the normal stuff that everyone has in their freezer, you know, the frozen food aisle.  The ice-cream, the frozen peas, the fish fingers for when other people’s children come round because it’s a safe bet.

We’re thinking about a new kitchen and I want a huge fridge freezer.  Is it wrong to have four freezers?

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