Sunday, 14 November 2010


I’ve had a letter published, in that illustrious publication, the Sainsbury magazine (which they call Sainsbury’s magazine, which to my mind is all wrong).

I should be pleased, except…

  • I’ve had people telling me about it but Sainsbury didn’t tell me, and it’s taken ages for my local Sainsbury had the latest issue of the magazine in stock.
  • Mine wasn’t the star letter despite the fact it was clearly better than the one that was chosen.  I had clearly understood the nature of the task at hand and had written something that clearly put the magazine in a very positive light but without being overly sickly.
  • The bastards edited my letter.  How dare they?!

I think the star letter would have won me a saucepan set, which you all know I need.  I’m still smarting.  I may ghost write a letter of complaint from my husband.

1 comment:

Rana said...

post a pdf please

better still, post the complete unedited pre-censored version you were going to send to compare with cut down watered down published version