Monday, 1 November 2010


We went trick or treating yesterday.  We’re responsible trick or treaters.  We accompany our young children and only knock on doors where occupants have a carved pumpkin on the doorstep or where the house is otherwise decorated for Halloween.

While we were out I witnessed a new phenomenon: drive by trick or treating.  Parents had driven their children to the street we were on, allowing the children out at a likely looking house.  The children got out, gathered their loot, got back in the car on to the next property.  Unreal.

While we were out I’d left Dave holding the fort, on hand to answer the door and supply sweets to little hands.  When I got back I thought I’d tidy away the Halloween decorations and pumpkins.  And some snotty-nosed little creep had stolen one of our carved pumpkins.  Not. At. All. Happy.  And it was the pumpkin I’d bought with Hannah, and carved to her design.

Halloween magic…what magic?!

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