Monday, 22 November 2010

How much?

I just booked an appointment at a private hospital. But it's OK because we've got private healthcare.

The doctor said those words "It could take a while to get an appointment." which I countered with "We've got health insurance." This prompted an easing of tension and everyone relaxed. Well sort of.

You see I knew there was an excess on the policy of £100.

I asked which consultant would be the best one and the receptionist seemed to base her advice on when the appointment was wanted.

I asked about the excess because I wondered how that would be settled. Would the hospital bill us or would the insurance company bill us?

She explained that they bill the insurance company and they would then send us an invoice for £100.

I must have looked puzzled because she then explained that the first consultation would last for 45 minutes and would cost £200.

How much? For 45 minutes?

I retained my composure. Just.

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