Thursday, 2 December 2010

Another Dragon’s Den idea

I’ve decided I should share my ideas when I think of them.  I clearly had the idea first so if any of you develop it and make your fortune then I’m due a cut.  Let’s say 50%.  I think that’s fair.

My latest genius idea is a snowball maker and chucker and should be called “Snowchuck.”

Basically any invention starts with a problem that needs solving and my problem is in two parts; the inability to make a decent snowball and then to chuck it with power and accuracy at a target.

My solution, the Snowchuck, is a scoop on a stick.  The inspiration came from the tennis ball chucker that people use when exercising dogs.  I envisage a scoop with a shape that works rather like an ice cream scoop forming the perfect ball of snow.  The reason that the scoop is on a stick is to facilitate chuckability, tennis ball style.

RRP probably £2.99 with production costs per unit of £0.20 based on estimated volume in first year eight million.

Are you in?

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