Sunday, 12 December 2010

Christmas shopping

This whole Wikileaks thing is confusing. 

As I understand it Wikileaks published semi-secret documents.  By semi-secret I mean thousand upon thousands of people had access to the information but it was supposed to be secret.

The U.S. Government wasn’t very happy about this.  And we know that not only because of the headlines but because behind the scenes American politicians were ‘avin’ a word in the shell-like of corporations that had supported Wikileaks and asking them to desist.  These companies included Visa, Mastercard and Amazon and one by one they withdrew their support.

Wikileaks didn’t take the snub lightly and recruited people around the globe to engage in retaliatory activity.  The plan was simple; join together to bombard the servers employed to support these companies.  The excessive traffic loads result in a denial of service.

It’s quite childish really, a double tit for tat.

Anyway the upshot is that my Christmas shopping is scuppered as Amazon went down just as I was adding a million things to my shopping basket.  I blame the U.S. Government.

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