Monday, 20 December 2010

Direct Line loves lazy customers

I changed our home and contents insurance provider last year to Direct Line.

The renewal quote came through last week; a 33.5% increase.  I phoned up to see what the issue was.  We hadn’t claimed, our circumstances hadn’t changed significantly and in fact we were minus a cat compared with this time last year.

Nothing had changed.  Our introductory discount had expired.  “OK” I said, “where’s my loyalty discount?”  Some mumbling followed and then a loyalty discount was produced, a whopping 8.3%.


I went onto the website and generated a quote, in my husband’s name.  It was £50 cheaper than the policy I signed up for a year ago.

I phoned again.

Apparently even if you request a quote with the details on your current policy the website sees your quote as new business.  The call centre staff are not authorised to match the quote.  In order to access the cheaper insurance quote I need to cancel the renewal and start a new policy with the new quote.

This may seem ridiculous, but I see it as a blessing.  All those lazy customers that just renew without checking they are getting a good deal are subsidising the policies for the likes of me, and maybe you.

OK, it is ridiculous.

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