Thursday, 23 December 2010

An update

I’ve just had a call from the CEO’s office at Tesco.

Apparently Philip Clarke doesn’t take over until March and Terry Leahy’s still in charge.  Oops.  Nonetheless the lovely lady I spoke to had done some investigating.

The text I received that said my delivery had been cancelled due to bad weather was erroneous.  As I suspected, the roads were considered to be passable.

The reason for the cancellation was a systems failure.  Apparently the Gallows corner store was unable to download order information and therefore unable to fulfil orders.  Customers should have been contacted with this information.

Tesco is sorry that I was given the wrong information.  They are also sorry that both and the Tesco store did not return my calls as promised.

I am, once again, a happy customer.  It didn’t take much, just the truth.

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