Thursday, 9 December 2010

Christmas parties

I love Christmas parties, especially work ones.  They invariably involve alcohol which is the bit I like.

I was at one last night and the best bit is the loss of inhibitions and the verbal honesty that follows.

This can be dangerous.  I have seen others affected to the point of it almost being embarrassing.  One of my favourites was a girl who, during a meal (Chinese restaurant – very festive), stood on a chair and confessed her undying love and admiration for the boss.  I mean he wasn’t a bad boss but I’ve had better. (For reference that was “I’ve had better” not “I’ve had better.”)

There was the adorable woman who chose the Christmas party as the opportune time to tell the boss exactly how he could do his job better.  I watched and listened and, to be honest, her view was only barely discernable through the slurring.

We all know there is a tendency to slip into the “I really love you” speech when talking to anyone, of either gender, after a few drinks.  Sometimes that’s a face to face conversation but it can also be text, or Facebook message, or Twitter direct message, or instant messaging or… you get the point.  But the great things about Christmas parties is that everyone who’s drinking has an equally dodgy memory and nobody can remember everything, and what they can remember is excused.

So enjoy your Christmas parties, let your hair down and let go.  It’s the end of the year and you deserve some relaxation.  Just make sure you take ibuprofen before you go to bed, and don’t forget the pasty at the station on the way home.

I really love you.  All of you.  Really.  I do.

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