Monday, 6 December 2010

Did you know…?

Our house leaks energy like a sieve.  Everyone knows what you need to do to insulate their house, or do they?

Everyone knows that loft insulation is key and we have that, maybe six inches depth of insulation with chipboard boarding on the top.

Everyone knows about cavity wall insulation and we don’t have that because our walls don’t have cavities.

Everyone knows about fitting double, or even triple, glazing but we haven’t done that because we like our wibbly wobbly glass or what’s left of it that hasn’t been broken by Dave.

Everyone knows that pipes need lagging and we think ours are.

Everyone knows about underfloor insulation.  Well actually I didn’t. 

I learned this evening that 15-20% of heat is lost through the floor and it only costs a few hundred pounds to have underfloor insulation.  Much cheaper than I thought it would be and more effective than I imagined it would be.  Now can anyone recommend a contractor?

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