Sunday, 31 August 2014


Our return journey was a little different.

We arrived at Livorno early, popped the car on the train and waited patiently in the station until our departure time.

It didn't take us long before we moved out of the 30 degree heat into the much cooler station.

When we got on the train it was like stepping into an oven. We weren't worried because we knew the aircon would cool us down.

After about an hour we were still baking and asked for help getting the air conditioning working properly.

When the engineer reached us he explained it was working, but facing a tough challenge. The train had been sitting in the very hot sun for quite a long time. It was a big lump of iron that readily absorbed the sun's energy. It was like putting ice cubes in an oven.

Eventually things did start to cool down but it took a couple of hours.

During dinner we learned from other passengers that our arrival time had been pushed back by just under two hours. We weren't aware but knew that the journey to the ferry would have less slack; we'd be eating on the boat rather than a restaurant en route as planned.

I thought we should have been told, and we might have been. I need to check my email.

I have survived just under 24 hours without internet access but have ferry wifi enabling this post.

Back to work tomorrow, in the afternoon perhaps.

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