Tuesday, 22 April 2008

De-clutter your life

Digital cameras are wonderful aren't they... One can take pictures of this and that and Mrs Miggins who lives down the street.

Did you know that when you die and someone is going through your photos then they'll probably only bother with the ones you print, and then they'll throw out the pictures of this and that but they'll keep the picture of Mrs Miggins, because they won't know who she is and they'll assume that because you took a picture, she must have been important to you.

So throw out your brick red images of Uluru, ditch the picture of the infinite turquoise of Crater Lake and bin the beautifully crafted shots of the sunset at the Grand Canyon. They will mean nothing to those that you leave behind.

Keep the drunken party shots of your friends, save the pictures of the family at the zoo and treasure all school photographs. These are the ones that your loved ones will pore over when you are gone.


Anonymous said...

Profound. But perceptive.

I have often said that "postcard shots" are best left for postcards. Go on holiday and see places through your own eyes, not through those of viewfinders. Remember the people.

Ann said...

Actually the postcard shots do have value. They serve to remind you of experiences.