Sunday, 6 April 2008

I am bovvered

I watched the first of the new series of Doctor Who.

I wondered how Catherine Tate would fare in the role of Doctor's assistant. Having seen her in the Christmas special I was dubious about her acting ability.

I had a look online to see what others thought. There were lots of people that shared my reservations about Ms Tate's theatrical ability but I was reassured by the overwhelming view that "the girl done good."

Well I didn't think so.

Unfortunately she has been exposed portraying a variety of odious characters in The Catherine Tate show. Her range seems to be contained within those characters and throughout her performance in Doctor Who I kept seeing Catherine Tate rather than Donna, the Doctor's new friend.

I liked Rose Tyler and I liked Martha Jones. I don't like, or consider credible, Donna Noble.

And even though it's a fantasy show, I am bovvered.


R N B said...

Completely agree. I never watch her "comedy" show because it is basically the same annoying **** in different costumes repeating the same boring catchphrase. Even her Donna character is bloody tedious.

Janie Hobbs said...

I just can not see her as a serious actress. I have always liked Dr Who and watched every episode but I almost looked at Saturdays nights episode as another comedy sketch.

I did like the cute fat things, do you think that is what I have been creating ???

Ann said...

You think Billy is an adipose baby? I quite like the idea of the fat just walking away. I'll be a guinea pig. Just call me Adipose Annie.