Monday, 21 April 2008

Missing rulebook

What are the rules about who attends funerals?

If I, as next of kin, don't want someone to attend the funeral, is it reasonable that I request they don't attend?

In my case, the situation is that they most certainly don't think it's reasonable.

It's not through any malice that I made the request but because I believed that this individual's presence would do more harm than good.

This individual caused my father hurt. Because of this individual, for a period of time, my dad was afraid to pick up the phone. In fact this individual is the reason that Dad installed caller id on his phone.

If someone had treated you in this way, would you want them at your funeral? Do you think your nearest and dearest would want to be reminded of this hurt by the mere presence of this person?

Should I forgive and forget? Should I bury the hatchet?


v!sh said...

Might not sound correct honey - but over the years I've learnt that one should forgive and remember!

Ann said...

The trouble with remembering is that it's painful and, on a day when there's a fair amount of pain flying around, I was looking to minimise exposure.
Anyway, we've requested he stay away and it looks like he'll be turning up anyway.
How to make a bad day worse...