Tuesday, 1 April 2008


Today, described by highlights and lowlights.

  • A beautiful sunrise
  • A sunny walk this morning
  • Receiving a copy of an April Fool's message from Hannah's best friend "All my teeth fell out today"
  • Receiving a copy of a reciprocal April Fool's message from Hannah "I went to the hairdresser today and had all my hair cut off"
  • Klaus saying terribly nice things about other people's work for which I claim credit
  • Seeing two rabbits at lunchtime next to the office
  • Reiner offering to help another team
  • Beer at the airport
  • Buying "duty free"
  • Ben Schott's page in the Times
  • Flying above clouds made from cotton wool
  • Seeing my two children sleeping sweetly when I got home


  • A very early start
  • Not having a tea or coffee before the flight
  • Having a tea on the flight
  • German coffee
  • Carrying a laptop to Cologne and then not using it
  • Lunch
  • Problems with the other people's work for which I claim credit
  • A near miss on the coach transfer to the airport
  • Delayed flight home
  • Getting home after the children had gone to bed
Do more highlights make me an optimist or just lucky?

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