Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Doubly lucky

When the gazebo disaster happened my first thought was "bugger!" and my second thought was "thank goodness nobody was hurt."

Later in the day the task of disposing of the wreckage reared its ugly head.

I wandered over to the campsite office to explain our disaster and to ask advice on how to dispose of the frame.

The man behind the counter had a glint in his eye and told me to leave the frame where it was and he'd crush it. (The woman with him said "Any excuse to use the crusher.")

We then spoke about the gazebos miraculous flight and how lucky it was that nobody was hurt, and then someone said "And you were lucky it didn't hit a car." That hadn't even occurred me. We'd been fortunate that people, cars, tents and caravans weren't hurt in the making of this bank holiday weekend.

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