Saturday, 17 May 2008

The trouble with family

My stepbrother has discovered he doesn't benefit from Dad's will.

He and his wife seem to be the only ones who find this surprising.

I know how Dad viewed the pair of them and it's clear that they have no idea about the lack of esteem in which they were held.

I have discovered that there are two ways to challenge a will. The first is to claim that one was a dependant of the deceased and the second is to claim mental incapacity of the deceased at the time that the will was written.

I have received legal counsel that encourages me to think that my stepbrother has no valid claim. I think any solicitor doing a good job will advise my stepbrother the same, but I think that the challenge will happen anyway.

I think that, even in the face of almost certain failure, Richard will look to contest the will. The cost of such activity will not trouble him, but the personal hurt and financial pain that he will be able to inflict will provide him with great satisfaction.

In fact, the more he continues in this vein, the more I understand why Dad did what he did, and the more I am encouraged to defend my dad's decision.

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