Monday, 26 May 2008

It could have been worse

We are complete wimps

The weather forecast threatens near gales for tonight in Sandwich. Gales, or near gales is what we experienced last night.

The result was one broken tent and a flying gazebo.

Our gazebo was the pop-up kind. We bought this because we're lazy and wanted something that didn't require any thought. It was quite a substantial construction, and definitely heavier than the unusual non-pop-up kind.

I would show you a picture but I'm not sure I have a picture showing it erected. I do, however, have an image of our gazebo after it had been lifted by the wind, travelled 20 yards across the campsite (luckily not hitting anyone, or anything) and been stripped of its cloth cover.

To give you a better idea of distance travelled look for the black car at the far right hand side of the picture. That's roughly the point from which the gazebo travelled.

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