Monday, 19 May 2008

Give me my stuff back

I was just checking my blog, as one does, and someone's stolen bits of it.

There used to be lots of "stuff" running down the left hand side. From memory there was a Flickr carousel, a Breast Cancer click through, an enormous tag cloud, a subscribe via e-mail option, a blog roll, Urban dictionary word of the day and other stuff.

Well it's gone and I want to know who's nicked it. I'm not amused. I can't get it back.

Normally it would be something dappy I've done but honestly everything is plugged in and I didn't put it in demo mode or leave the lights on or forget to switch it on.

So it must be one of you? Who do I phone? Helpdesk, police, ambulance, fire service? Now there's a thought. On that subject I might have the subject of a post for the girls tomorrow.

1 comment:

Ann said...

It's all come back now. It's always the way; as soon as you complain everything starts working as it should. I should complain more often. :D