Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Spouse advice

I wore a dress to work yesterday, which is a rare occurrence. The other thing that was rare was the fact that dress exposed knees.

I had worn the dress before and knew it came with problems. I knew that if there was a breeze the dress needed to be kept under control to prevent it doing a Marilyn Monroe.

The dress behaved if the breeze came from just one direction because that pushed the dress against the body. Any Marilyn problems only occurred when the wind changed direction quickly.

As I left the house with Dave and walked towards the cars the skirt fabric started to show a tendency to misbehave.

Some husbands might suggest changing the outfit, some might suggest holding the skirt to keep it in check but Dave had a different response. "Are you wearing nice knickers?" he asked. "You should be in that dress."

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Anonymous said...

You looked pretty...