Friday, 16 May 2008

Poles apart

There has been a lot in the press about the migration of Eastern Europeans, especially the Polish, over to the UK.

Well, for some of them, it doesn't always work out.

Today we said goodbye to someone who came across to the UK to make a new life for herself. Whilst here she met and married a man and they had a little girl.

The marriage failed, as many do, and she found herself struggling as a single mother without the support of family.

So today, with her five year old daughter, she said her farewells to friends.

It was interesting hearing her talking about the court judgement that is enabling her to take her daughter back to Poland. It mentions the need to have internet and Skype access for the daughter to maintain contact with her father. It allows communication by letter, phone, e-mail and text message. And with the cheap flights available with low cost carriers, the judge was easily persuaded that it was just as easy and inexpensive to visit Scotland as Poland.

Bye, bye Magda and Anna. Good luck.

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