Thursday, 22 May 2008

Would you do a Trevor?

I have a friend who is on the singles circuit. She's sickeningly pretty with a great body and personality. She also looks younger than her years...not that I'm jealous.

I hope this sets the scene.

She hasn't had the best of luck with men and has tried a number of strategies to catch her man. That sounds terribly calculating but I think every single would agree they have an approach they adopt with the opposite sex.

Well her latest strategy is multi-dating. This is dependant on more than one man being interested but the idea is that dating is not exclusive and men are dated in parallel.

As a big start to this new approach my friend went to a club on Saturday. She caught the eye of someone who made it clear he wanted to get to know her better. She played hard to get until eventually he asked if he could give her his number. She advised him that she didn't accept numbers from men, to which he replied "Can I have your number then?"

He'd overcome her (rather lame) defences and she provided her number, which he promptly rang, presumably to check the number was real.

At the end of the evening she said goodbye to him, and he told her his name was Harvey, and that might have been that.

Harvey is an unusual name and conjures up an image of a tall white rabbit.

Over the next few days there has been an exchange of texts. Harvey has been pushing for a date and has been meeting with resistance. He might have been meeting less resistance had he not admitted his name wasn't really Harvey, but Trevor.

My friend has a test for men. It's the "Oooo baby do it to me XXX" where XXX is replaced by the man's name.

Harvey didn't really pass the test. Trevor definitely doesn't pass the test.

But, guess what? Despite the test failure, a date is planned for Friday night. be continued

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Anonymous said...

There are 4 kinds of Oooooo's

1/ Religious ones which sound like:
"Oh God; Oh Jesus; Oh my God"
2/ Positive ones: "Oh Yes; oh Yes"
3/ Negative ones: "Oh No; Oh No"
4/ Fake ones: "Oh Harvey...."