Saturday, 16 August 2014

A ferry nice way to travel

At about 7:45pm we headed off for Harwich arriving just over an hour later.

There were no queues in front of us at document check out boarding. We just drove straight on and started exploring straight away.

The ferry seemed very new and lacked the knocked about look that years of exposure to the public can create.

Our cabin exceeded expectations with five berths, a TV, and crisp, clean, white linen all ready to use.

We dumped our bags and explored the rest of the ship. Everything was very efficient and organised.

We noted our rather early (5:30am) alarm call and headed back to the cabin.

Sleep was interrupted by children sleep-talking, Hannah kicking first a book and then a towel from her bed to mine, narrowly missing my head, and Ethan choosing to lose a book with a great thud when it hit the floor.

Stena, it seems have a sense of humour. At 6:30 CET we were all woken to the tune "Don't worry, be happy."

Nice one Stena.

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