Monday, 25 August 2014

Pet crab

We went to the beach today.

It was full of scantily clad people bearing more than a passing resemblance to the colour of furniture we all used see in the houses of grandparents.

It was a drive away but the children wanted a beach day, so we obliged.  The weather was hot, the sea was warm and the satnav said it was just over an hour away.

We sat in the sun, watched people, dug a deep hole, swam in the sea and started a small driftwood collection.  Having been inspired by our stone stacking artist we decided we'd stack driftwood. Our collection was accumulating in a large Tupperware container and it made it into the boot of the car for the return journey.

When we got back Ethan noticed we had a stowaway. In amongst the driftwood was a crab, admittedly tiny but a crab nonetheless. He set about making his new pet comfortable.

First he added water, and then salt. His next concern was food. What do baby crabs eat?

We have an ants nest outside the building and, given the ready supply of these, Ethan thought we could feed the crab ants.  The crab seemed nonplussed by the offer of an ant but Ethan was undeterred.

The next thing a pet crab needs is a name. Ethan reasoned that if he was going to eat ants, then maybe he should be called Anthony.

So here's Anthony.  Advice on whether crabs will eat our other readily available food sources is welcome.

We have grass, rosemary, lavender, olive leaves and unripe olives, bay leaves, unripe figs and pine needles.

Update: While Ethan was in the shower, the following notes appeared under the bathroom door.

The spelling of butt is deliberate here.  "I'm sorry Ethan" "I'm sorry Butt". Family humour.

And it appears Anthony has met an untimely end. No foul play is suspected.

This blog post is delayed until Tuesday as a mark of respect.

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