Friday, 1 August 2014

By popular request - I have a fan

I say popular request but I actually mean Vic has been nagging me to blog again.

And other than Vic, I don't have a fan.

The weather's been hot and humid and this is the time of year my thoughts turn to spending money to make nights, particularly, a little cooler.

When we lived in the States we were the only people we knew in the neighbourhood who didn't have aircon.  We lived in a house that the Addams family would have been proud to occupy but it was the skankiest house in a very expensive neighbourhood, hence the lack of aircon.  So we had fans, or at least one fan.  We even brought the fan back to UK and hung onto it for years until the realisation of the voltage difference and an over-crowded loft, forced us to ditch it.

And every year, in the UK, I wonder about buying a fan, or three.  In a normal British summer I'd be using it for about three days but for the rest of the year it would live in the loft.  This means that even when it gets hot I won't be bothered with retrieving the fan(s) from the loft.

So is it worth it?  Should I spend my money?

And if I do spend my money do I go cheap and cheerful and buy a £20 plastic fan or do I spend £50 at least on a quality metal fan (that I'll hardly use ever)?

I think I might have made my mind up.

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