Sunday, 3 August 2014

What goes around

Just over a month ago I was driving my car along the High Street when the gearbox stopped working.  I couldn't move the car because I couldn't get it into gear.

Luckily I was in a fairly unobtrusive part of the High Street where cars could pass me.  Had it not been a Sunday and had I been 20 feet further forward and I would have been causing far more of an obstruction.

I called home for assistance and sat there waving traffic past me until a couple of gentlemen offered to help push the car back into a bus stop.  I gratefully accepted their offer and was then in a much better place to wait for help.

Yesterday I saw a car near the High Street with its hazard lights on.  It was stationary and from its road position I guessed the driver hadn't intended to stop there.

I offered the driver help after discovering that she too had clutch problems: could I push the car for her while she steered?  I was looked up and down, thanked for my offer but told I couldn't possibly push the car on my own.  The driver was clearly agitated as she'd been on the receiving end of the frustration vented by passing drivers.

I explained that I might well be able to push the car on my own but also, if I stopped to push the car then others would stop and offer help too.  She looked doubtful but thought it was worth giving it a go.

Well I did move the car but also, my prediction was correct.  As soon as I had the car rolling someone else stopped to offer a hand.

Between us we moved the car to safety just before her husband turned up to provide further help.  She was very thankful, wanted to know my name and held my hand, calling me an angel.

I know that I would have offered help even if I hadn't needed it previously, but it felt good to lend a hand.  I was putting something into the Bank of Assistance having made a withdrawal not too long ago.  What goes around...

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