Saturday, 23 December 2006

Domestic goddess

There is something satisfying about properly cooked food.

I often make stuff from scratch but it's usually throwing things together. For Christmas I've been trying a little harder and I've been using recipes:

­ - Cranberry sauce – how easy is that!
­ - Bread sauce – ditto
­ - Austrian red cabbage – bit of a strange concept but very festive, very easy and yummy.
­ - Mega uber chocolate torte thing – joint effort between hubby and me but again, easy peasy.
­ - Lamb shank thing currently getting yummier by the minute in the fridge ready for tomorrow, very easy so far.

I could almost become a domestic goddess without the keeping the place clean and tidy bit and without the goddess bit. I could definitely quit work but would still need some kiddie free time (just for sanity).

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