Monday, 25 December 2006

The true meaning of Christmas

Not only will I survive, I did survive Christmas lunch and even more amazingly Christmas lunch was delivered, to plan, at one o'clock..

I was going to take you through the whole pretentious menu derived from hours of recipe book research but I won't bore you with gory details.

Anyhow we were trying to get the kids to take a post lunch nap, something to which they were very resistant, and it was all I could do to stop myself from collapsing into bed myself. Well actually I did. Ethan and Hannah got out of bed and kept coming back in to see me in Ethan's bed, saying "night night Mummy." I was found out by Dave who wondered why he could still hear children and why I hadn't appeared back downstairs. He went upstairs to investigate and found me in a semi stupor and the kids running riot.

I think that's what Christmas is all about – torpor: the state that one falls into when one is overfed, over-boozed and overindulged in everything.

So never mind the 'true meaning of Christmas'. I think it's a time for the body to have an excuse to shutdown.

Except I wasn't allowed this afternoon, but I bet I sleep well tonight.

Merry Christmas everyone. Ho ho ho.

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