Wednesday, 25 April 2007


I lost it today.

We had a meeting today that could have been considered to be the culmination of a few weeks work. The last few weeks have been quite intense so it felt good to get this meeting over and done with.

I think the release of tension slightly got to me.

You know those situations where you lose control completely and hysteria sets in. Times when something that isn't that funny sets you off on a giggling fit that is completely uncontrollable.

I had an email exchange with a colleague - Mike.

I'd asked Mike to be flexible on a meeting time and he wasn't able to be. I sent a note to the meeting organiser with two words "Bloody Mike" and I copied Mike on the note because Mike has a sense of humour. You need to understand I'm on the edge of madness at this point.

Mike replied "?!"

I replied back explaining that I'd been joking and indicated that his brief reply had made me worry that I'd sent the note to the wrong Mike.

Mike's response said "Too late. I've contacted HR with a complaint. Not :-). And anyway, when are you going to stop promoting the eco-banditry of World Rally?"

At this point you need to know that my work e-mail sign off includes a celebration of the our company's success in World Rally.

Anyway, the term eco-banditry really amused me.

Later, I was trying to explain this in the office to Tracey and Louise and I was in tears. I couldn't stop the hysteria. I knew it wasn't that funny but I was out of
control. I couldn't talk.

So from now on, I intend to sign my e-mails as Ann, Eco-bandit.

Have you ever lost it?


northernlight said...

I lose it all the time. My marbles, mostly.

Ann said...

Well I didn't like to say...