Thursday, 26 April 2007

Words of wisdom

Ethan put his shoes on today and, as any good mother would (not that I'm in any way claiming to be a good mother), I praised him with "You're such a clever boy. Well done."

Hannah piped up "Ethan's not as clever as me."

I moved into my reprimanding voice "Hannah that's an exceptionally arrogant thing to say. Ethan is as clever as you."

"No he's not."

"OK, what makes you think you're more intelligent than Ethan?"

"Well firstly he's not a girl, and secondly he hasn't got red hair."

"And you know that being a girl and having red hair makes you clever?"



northernlight said...

I have to say, she has a point (on the girl and red hair thing.) Even though Ethan is obviously very, very cleve.

northernlight said...

I meant clever. Not cleve.
That wasn't very clever of me.