Sunday, 8 April 2007

Location, location

The property market near us has become vicious.

Only today I saw two grown males fighting over a hot property.

I'd been watching the goings on at this particular des res and had thought there might be trouble.

A couple came to have a look last weekend. They seemed interested. They may have had further viewings but, as I was out and about for most of last week, I can't say for sure.

Well today they were definitely back. And then it got confusing. I thought they had brought a set of in-laws to help to provide an objective view on the property. Well I thought that until the two males started having a scrap.

So there was one woman inside, two men fighting outside and another woman outside acting as onlooker.

It was at this point I imagined I might be seeing a version of Location Location with Kirsty and Phil in which the customer proved to be so difficult to please that 'Phil' decided to take a swipe using a left hook.

After a while things seemed to settle down. The aggressive couple that were new to the property this week, disappeared and I think the couple that were interested originally have moved in.

They haven't had to use a removal lorry. It's only a studio apartment so furnishing it doesn't require too much effort - a few twigs, some moss, a bit of fluff and Mr and Mrs Blue Tit seem to have settled in nicely.


northernlight said...

You almost got me there. It was only the moss/twig thing that gave it away..

Ann said...