Sunday, 29 April 2007

I'm not perfect

I was accused of being a good mother today.

I actually think I'm fair to middling.

I'm quite strict but very loving. The thing I fall down on is keeping my cool under pressure.

I am very lucky. I have two very well behaved children, most of the time.

I don't believe that any child is well behaved all the time though and there are times that I'm more sensitive to their naughtiness. I know I should relax and be more tolerant when they are just "being children" but there are times when I snap and become 'mother from hell'.

I've spoken to other mums and I'm not alone. Most of us aren't proud of the times when we're overly strict but we can't help ourselves. I usually blame a combination of hormones and stress but I do envy the mums with a laid back attitude that never seem to lose control of themselves.


northernlight said...

Your children are well-behaved - that speaks volumes. I quite often lose it with my kids and the neighbours probably refer to me as "the woman who shouts at her children."

Ann said...

Whereas my neighbours just don't talk to me (because they're scared). :)