Saturday, 28 April 2007

One big adventure

How should I describe our accommodation?

I think the kind thing to say is "you gets what you pay for and we didn't pay a lot." I chose the unkind description in a text to Dave - "skanky."

Perhaps a few choice phrases from my entry in my completed satisfaction questionnaire will help paint a picture:

The main bedroom was damp and mouldy. The twin bedroom and kitchen were infested with ants. There were some leaks from an undefined source in the bathroom...

Having said all of this, for the price, we had perfectly a perfectly adequate roof over our heads, although, should I develop some terrible lurgy caused by mould, I may revise this view.

I was reminded of the sheer bloody cheek of seagulls (Herring gulls to be precise). One of them thought it was appropriate to be pecking on my bedroom window at six in the morning. I thought it was an early morning call from Janet and Louise's children. I think I might put Herring gull's in the same category as pigeons - birds I could do without.

The sun shone and the children loved the pool and the beach. Ethan insisted on removing shorts and nappy and letting it all hang out whereas Hannah opted for the sandy knickers approach.

We didn't go far for this trip away and we didn't do anything we couldn't have done locally, but somehow it was more fun away from home. It was all one big adventure.

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