Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Meetings, meetings, meetings

I had my second full day of meetings today. When I say second full day of meetings, I mean two days, one meeting.

Now there were other people in this meeting, about nine of them.

The intention of the meeting was to look at a list of customer requirements and to decide what we could and would work on, and what we should be working on but deliver later.

Many of the items on the list had been seen by everyone before but it was the first time everyone had sat around together to discuss it.

My role in all of this was as the client. So effectively I'm the one paying for the work. Well it's my budget.

That meant that I had to pay attention. I had to know what our customers wanted so I could decide where to spend the cash.

Everybody else in the meeting had the option of disappearing for periods to do other work. They just got up, walked out and came back when it suited them. There were always some people in the meeting room but the only consistent person throughout both days, was me.

That means (I think) that my head hurts more than the other guys.

And even though it wasn't part of the plan, I have to go back for a third day.

I don't think it's fair.


northernlight said...

That is so unfair on you. I bet you will be glad when the third day is over.
I have spent the day glaring at evil skirt woman.

Ann said...

I think I protest a little too much actually.

There were some really good heated discussions and that always makes a day more interesting. There's nothing like a bit of a barny. :)