Friday, 20 April 2007

Phantom poo stalker

You know the expression "Shit just follows me around."

Well I've told you about the Phantom poo flinger. He's following me around, or at least the poo is.

I read Hannah her bedtime story tonight, kissed her goodnight and stood up to leave the room when I spotted it.

There was something on Hannah's bedroom floor.

On closer inspection the something proved to be a very small deposit of poo. (One of the many times I've been grateful we haven't got carpets.) Oh, and to make sure it was poo and not mud I did the sniff test.

Do I blame a fox, the cat or Ethan?

Hannah assures me it wasn't her. I know it wasn't me. It's dimensions make Dave an unlikely candidate.

I think it might be Ethan.


northernlight said...

If you have ruled out Hannah and the Cat, then I would hope it was Ethan. Either that, or the Phantom Poo Flinger has reached new heights.

Ann said...

Dave reckons there were other clues it was Ethan...