Sunday, 22 April 2007

Word of the day - shonky

The wall at the front of our house is shonky. Whoever designed it should be shot, and so should the brickie who went along with the design. I'm guessing they are one and the same person but I'd still recommend two bullets.

It's a single skin wall two to three foot high with pillars every six foot of length. This sounds fine until I tell you that the single skin wall has been built using a lattice design. This is very clearly a stupid thing to do because try as hard as I could I failed to find a picture on the 'interweb'. Instead I got off my fat backside to take a picture of the shonky lattice wall.

(The blue van is parked on double yellow lines and, yes, it does belong to the neighbours.)

While I'm whinging about the wall I'll complain about the choice of bricks. Our house is made from a soft red brick so why some idiot chose a yellow brick for the wall is a mystery.

The wall is on the boundary of our property and the pavement and our road is the route for the mums and the children for the three schools at the end of our road. As we live on a corner our house is a natural resting or waiting point for people. This means the wall is a very good place to lean or sit. The resulting pressure, combined with the ridiculous construction, means that the wall keeps breaking.

Dave keeps mending the wall, and today he fixed an area he's already fixed twice before. That made Dave very, very grumpy.

We're thinking we need another solution and were discussing the problem with an elderly couple who'd stopped to admire Dave's handiwork.

We all agreed that spikes on the top of the wall might be the next step.


northernlight said...

Shonky is a great word. The wall may be shonky, but it is a great hiding place for choccy eggs during the annual Great Easter Egg Hunt.

Ann said...

True. We found some eggs a week later.