Wednesday, 11 April 2007

We're going to the zoo

The friend who'd told me she couldn't do the zoo yesterday said she planned to go today.

So today, at 8:00 while we were having breakfast, I texted to say we planned to get to the zoo at 10:00.

At 10:00, as we arrived (having missed the exit on the A12 - I swear they've removed the zoo sign - and driven almost all the way to Ipswich and back), I texted to ask that she text me when she arrived.

At 12:00 I got a text: "Oh no! We decided to stay at home. ... Have a good time. Love S."

Hannah and I were well into our stride at this point. We'd seen the sea lion show and were en route to the falconry display. We'd also seen Orangutans,

chimpanzees (including a baby), L’hoest’s monkeys (which have bright blue testicles), reptiles, penguins, fossa, two toed sloth, sand cat, squirrel monkeys and medellin monkeys (so cute).

After the falconry we headed over to the Africa section, past the white tiger and lions to see the elephants, giraffes, rhinos,

zebras, ostriches, colobus monkeys and cheetahs.

During a brief play area break, Hannah and I phoned my friend and we agreed we could pop in on the way home. That way Hannah got to see her friend, I got to see mine and I didn't wear Hannah out by forcing her to traipse around too much more of the zoo.

But on the way out we found time for tigers (the non white variety), wolves and trip round the gift shop to buy Ethan a small shark (he likes sharks - sleeps with an inflatable one most nights) and Hannah a piece of toot (small globe housing water and two plastic dolphins - yuk).


northernlight said...

Impressive pictures. Shame about your friend not turning up..

Ann said...

Well we saw her anyway...

And Orang pics have too much reflection but medellin monkeys were too photogenic.

northernlight said...

Medellin monkey sounds like a great description of my youngest daughter.

Ann said...