Monday, 8 January 2007

The best laid plans...

What's the expression? The best laid plans…

I've got meetings tomorrow that will finish late enough to mean I can't get home to pick the children up and I've got meetings on Wednesday that start early enough to mean that I can't drop the children off.

Normally I'd work this out with Dave so that he handles the bits of the day that I can't. Unfortunately without realising we'd double booked ourselves. Dave had booked himself on a trip to Germany over tomorrow and Wednesday which made it a little difficult for us to cover for one another.

We chatted about what compromises were possible and agreed that I could perhaps be a little late on Wednesday and Dave could restrict his travelling and make his trip a one, rather than two, day affair.

This still left us with Tuesday evening uncovered. Time to call the emergency cover team, Dave's Mum and Dad. They were able to help, thank goodness, so at least we had a plan.

So Dave's parents would collect the children, feed them with food that would have cooked in the timer set oven, bath them, and put them to bed. Dave and I would arrive home shortly after the children had gone to bed and all of the grown ups would then need feeding.

To make this easy, I cooked a casserole at the weekend that be thrown in the oven with some jacket spuds. So this whole tomorrow evening thing took some planning and preparation.

Something had to go wrong, and of course it did. Last night Dave spent most of the night coughing and this morning he decided he was too ill to go to work. He also decided he'd probably be too ill to work tomorrow so he cancelled his trip.

So now, I have a stay at home husband to cope with dropping the kids off and picking them up tomorrow and I'm hoping he stays sick to cover Wednesday too. Is that wrong?

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