Monday, 22 January 2007

Did I or didn't I?

I needed to take a few things to the dry cleaners today. I realised I had a ticket in my purse for a pair of trousers that needed collection. I couldn't remember which trousers they were so I was looking forward to finding out which they were.

I like our dry cleaner. It's a short walk from home and it's run by a really friendly team. They always ask me how I am, they give the kids sweets and they're always really chatty.

After a good chat about how busy we all are (and how I want to win the lottery and stay busy but perhaps be a bit more in control of my life) I handed over the clothes and the ticket. After a little while I was asked if I was sure I hadn't picked up the trousers already.

Well I still had the ticket, which would indicate I hadn't collected the trousers. But then I've got a really bad memory and couldn't figure out which trousers they were anyway.

So I said "Er, I might have done. Are you sure? Do you think? Maybe I did. Yes I probably did. Yes, I think I must have done."

And I walked out with nothing, except a ticket for the clothes I'd taken in. The really sad thing about this is I honestly don't know whether I picked up the trousers or not.

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