Friday, 12 January 2007


I cooked pancakes for the kiddiwinks today. I don't know quite where the idea from or why I'd promised to do it but they absolutely loved them.

Why do we, generally, only eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday? I mean I know why they're eaten on Pancake Day but why aren't they eaten for the rest of the year?

Why are turkey, cranberry sauce, bread sauce and sprouts only really eaten at Christmas? (Apart from minimal brie and cranberry maybe, and a bit of turkey).

Why are Crème Eggs only really eaten at Easter, they're on sale all year round?

Pumpkin is only really eaten at Halloween.

I know this is partially because of the seasonality of produce, but given that mango can be bought year round in the local supermarket, I'm sure this would be possible for sprouts and pumpkin.

Anyway, my point is that today's dip into the Shrove Tuesday experience was yummy and I won't be keeping pancakes off the menu for the rest of the year.

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