Saturday, 6 January 2007


I was playing a game at the gym last night. I was on the treadmill that isn't far from the stairs and the position afforded me a unique view.

As people were coming down the stairs, for a while, I could only see their legs. I decided to play the game of 'look at the legs and make a decision about whether it's worth waiting until the rest of the body descended'.

If it had been a game where scores were assigned I would have a high score. I discovered it's surprisingly easy to judge someone just from the knees down.

I decided a bit of colour on the legs was a good thing (well you know from my letter to Santa that my legs have a bit of colour – purple ). I was also judging people on the quality (and probably newness) of their clothing. It made me think that I probably ought to revamp my old, faded and comfy gym clothing. If there was a leg exposed, then a well toned, but not skinny leg, was desirable. It reminded me to cover up my legs when I visit the gym. But having said that, if there was just a bit of a leg exposed, I decided that a pair of legs was preferable.

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