Saturday, 20 January 2007


Over the New Year there were two rapes within a couple of hundred yards of our front door. (I've checked and Dave was at home at the time. )

I read in the paper that two men have been arrested, one per rape. I think the police must be looking for help with the prosecution as there are signs posted to lampposts requesting that witnesses to get in touch.

I hate the fact that the rapes happened and it is unnerving that there were two different men committing the same crime so close to home. It was reassuring though that the police have arrested people and they're working to try and convict the people they've arrested (assuming they're guilty – if they're innocent then there's a lot more to worry about).

It will make me think twice about the five minute walk, ten minute stagger home from the High Street after a night out with the girls. I never used to think twice about the walk, and only got a taxi when others insisted. I'm still minded to think like that, partially because I have a feeling of immunity. I feel that nobody in their right mind would take me on.

There was another disturbing thing about this whole affair. On one of the police signs requesting assistance someone had scrawled 'f*** off'. I didn't understand that.

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