Saturday, 13 January 2007


"triple action plumping formula"

"peptides that prompt skin's natural collagen production"

"with collagen biospheres"

"enriched with Omega 3+6, Magnesium and caffeine"

"enriched with mango & shea butter"

"Look up to 5 years younger in a flash"

"retin A"


Is it just me or is the world of cosmetics advertising just full of useless, meaningless, fabricated verbiage and lies!

Does all of this stuff go through the Advertising Standards Agency and get a rubber stamp because it's full of mumbo jumbo that's designed to sound scientific and nobody has the gumption to challenge it?

I have wrinkles. I'd love a miracle treatment that would rewind time but IT DOESN'T EXIST!

Why do women (and occasionally men) spend fortunes on this stuff?

I use moisturiser religiously morning and night and I have wrinkles the depth of a ploughed furrow. Mel, who admittedly is a tad younger than me, has beautifully soft skin without a crease and she doesn't touch the damn products. IT'S NOT FAIR!!!

I hate genetics.

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