Thursday, 11 January 2007


I thought the traffic wardens were being a little too enthusiastic today.

The area near Hannah's school gets very congested because there are three schools on that part of a residential no through road. The schools take children from quite a broad area, especially the two church primary schools as they admit children whose parents are church/cathedral attendees regardless of where they live, in preference to heathens who live on the doorstep. We are heathens who slipped through the net.

Anyway, many parents who live within a reasonable walk, do walk on most days.
Today we had foul weather, gales, downpours and generally unpleasant walking conditions. As the school is only at the end of our road we still walked but many others thought a car journey was preferable. I don't blame them. And if they walk most of the time, why shouldn't they use the car occassionally?

Well police and traffic wardens were out in force trying to catch anyone parking where they shouldn't. There were about six fluorescent jackets attempting to ticket the people who just didn't want to get cold and wet. I thought it was a bit mean. Fine, catch the fair weather offenders, but it seemed unfair to ensnare the casual victim.

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