Wednesday, 3 January 2007

What do you do?

Someone told me today that they'd seen a fight. Well they'd nearly seen a fight. Well there was nearly a fight, which if there had been, they would have seen. Have I lost you?

Well the nearly fight, as I shall call it, happened, or didn't happen, on a train.

Someone had won some money 'on the horses' and was talking loudly to a friend about their good fortune. Someone else, who had not been as lucky 'on the horses' objected the volume of the call and made clear his views to the gentleman in question.

The lucky gentleman continued to talk to his friend and mentioned the idiot who had asked him to reduce the volume.

The idiot advised the lucky man that he didn't consider himself to be an idiot, interrupting the telephone conversation.

There was then a typical macho standoff. Eyes at dawn, or similar. They were either cowards, or saw sense, because there were no fisticuffs.

Anyway, my point was going to be (I know I'm being very rambly this evening) that I would have love to have seen the nearly fight.

I like my train journeys, even when there isn't a seat. (Such a shame that gentlemen are no longer chivalrous on trains). There is so much people watching to do, and it's fun to observe.

As I got on the train to day, a large, young, nasty blonde young woman was stood opposite me. (Her hair was a nasty blonde. I have no idea as to her character.)

Anyway, she sat on the floor as the train pulled out of the station. I would like to say that she was sat cross-legged but her overall size meant that that was probably a physical impossibility. It was an unladylike seating position either way.

Plonked on her derriere she extracted her phone and MP3 player and sat them on her capacious knee. And then she removed her make-up and spent the rest of the journey applying an excessive coating of green and blue eye shadow.

I like watching people and seeing what they choose to do with their time on the train. Some apply a mask. Some read. There was a strange looking man reading a "A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian". Some listen to music. Some text. Some work on laptops. Some sleep. Some watch other people...

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